This isn’t only Julie’s story

This story is shared by countless other mental health patients and their families.

Particularly in and around Bristol. Julie’s mental health team, the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership, were found by a Guardian investigation in 2018 to have the highest number of preventable mental health deaths in the country, joint with Camden and Islington NHS foundation.

“The Guardian’s analysis found two trusts with notably high numbers of deaths. Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS trust and Camden and Islington NHS foundation trust in London each had 14 such deaths across the six years.” – read more here

Too many mental health patients are being failed – we want to tell their stories.

Here are all of the potentially preventable mental health deaths in the Avon and Wiltshire area that we have found so far. The stories below only go back to 2014.

There are almost 50 of them.

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‘Who tells your story?’


This is Terence Bennett’s story

Health trust apologises after jury records man’s suicide was contributed to by neglect

This is Becky Romero’s story

Vulnerable teen Becky Romero’s death was accident contributed to by NHS ‘neglect’

This is Martyn Watkins’s story

Father who took his own life in psychiatric hospital was failed by NHS trust

This is Charlotte Bevan and Zaani Bevan Malbrouck’s story

‘Chain of failings’ led to death of Charlotte Bevan and her newborn baby, coroner rules

This is Simon Reynold’s story

10 people killed themselves in 20 months in Bristol despite being known to mental health services

This is Alison Draper’s story

Lack of care resulting in successful suicide attempt – family wins compensation claim

This is Richard Jones’s story

Coroner highlights concerns in case of soldier who died of overdose

This is Rohan Fitzsimons’ story

10 people killed themselves in 20 months in Bristol despite being known to mental health services

This is Oliver Ford’s story

Family hopes ‘lessons have been learned’ after father’s death

This is John Jones’ story

10 people killed themselves in 20 months in Bristol despite being known to mental health services

This is Callum Smith’s story

Multiple failures by jail and mental health staff led to death of young dad Callum Smith in Bristol Prison

This is Calam Atour’s story


This is Carolyn Brock’s story

Tragic gran ‘jumped to her death from hospital after going out for ‘breath of fresh air’ despite doctors knowing she had thoughts of suicide’

This is Natasha Abrahart’s story

Bristol University student Natasha Abrahart killed herself after telling doctors she was unwell

This is Heather Donlin’s story

‘Sweet and funny’ teen, 19, killed herself just 24 hours after mental health nurse declared she was not immediate risk

This is Kamil Ahmad’s story

Brutal murder of Kamil Ahmad was ‘avoidable’

This is Ben Murray’s story

Bristol University didn’t tell parents about student’s mental health problems before he killed himself

This is Daniel Henley’s story

Man died after taking toxic mix of prescription drugs and alcohol, inquest hears

This is Susan Timbrell’s story

Family of Holt woman issue tribute in her memory

This is Rachael Banks’ story

10 people killed themselves in 20 months in Bristol despite being known to mental health services

This is Robert Crane’s story

Fire death man’s ‘risky behaviour’ ignored by health and social services

This is Joseph Haines’ story

‘They didn’t take him seriously, he thought they didn’t care’: Family of an autistic man who killed himself accuse SIX agencies of ignoring his pleas for help in the 48 hours before his death

This is Leo Kovacs’ story

Grandma in support call after heartbreak of grandson’s suicide

This is Emma Stevens‘ story

Woman tried to hang herself at Weston General Hospital days before her death

This is Benjamin Smart‘s story

Health bosses deny staff shortages at Devizes hospital where patient died

This is Robert Cox’s story

Robert Cox inquest: Family say man stabbed to death at mental health hostel ‘let down’ by care

This is Nicholas Sims‘ story

Man cut off hand after trusts ‘missed opportunities’ to help him

This is Carl Harris‘ story

Failings found in the care of flight test engineer found dead near a railway track

This is Michael Freeman‘s story

Inquest hears bodybuilder died from accidental heroin overdose two months after learning of HIV diagnosis

This is Jessica Davies‘ story

Mother speaks out after daughter’s suicide

This is Greta Wiltshire‘s story

Missing Bradford on Avon gran was discovered in river

This is Laura Scull‘s story

Death of Bristol woman Laura Scull was ‘party down to medical neglect’

This is Adrian Kowalik‘s story

Learn lessons from this case, urges coroner

This is Sharon Gee‘s story

Grieving parents’ plea for answers after hospital sends Sharon home alone

This is Alison Carter‘s story

Suicide risk ‘not recognised’

This is Max Harley’s story

Coroner calls for mental health service changes after man’s death

This is Helen Robinsons story

Woman took her own life on railway tracks

This is David Hackmans story

Desperate Swindon OAP who commited suicide was paying ‘pal’s’ debts

This is Karen Archard’s story

Inquest told of fire death in Chippenham store car park

This is Emma Cadywoulds story

Family of dead mum Emma Cadywould campaign for NHS changes

This is Frances Warrens story

Frankie Warren from Thornbury committed suicide after battling depression, inquest told

This is Ryce Hodsons story

Distraught Chippenham teenager made remark to mum about dying before lying on rail track

This is Michael Harris story

Mental health care failed us, say family of killer Michael Harris

This is James Pollard‘s story

James Pollard inquest: ‘Staff neglect’ contributed to suicide

This is Melissa Castle‘s story

Loving final words of tragic fall mum

This is James Hammonds story

Coverage in the Daily Mail (we have chosen not to repeat their headline)

This is Gideon Tranter‘s story

Death of man in Wells Road garden leads coroner to call two health boards to review ‘missing sections’